A mix of Meat and potato pie and cheese and onion pie, peas and gravy with onions and beetroot, trays, cutlery, napkins served at your venue - £2.50 per head minimum 80 people

Buffet – A selection of sandwiches on our homemade bread, Salt and pepper or bbq chicken wings

A selection of homemade sausage rolls, scotch eggs and pork pies Homemade cheese and onion quiches

2 salads choice of:

  • Mediterranean feta pasta with pesto
  • Sweet chili Cumberland sausage pasta
  • Mixed salad
  • Mixed vegetable cous cous

Extras – Home baked ham joint sliced or left whole - £15.00 per KG

A selection of cakes - £1.50 per head

Mini Scones with Jam and cream - £1.20 per scone

A selection of individual pies from the shop menu (steak and potato, steak and kidney, chicken, leek, mushroom and gammon and cheese and onion) with peas, gravy, onions, beetroot, trays, cutlery, napkins, served £3.50 a head

Tray pie to serve 6-8 people. Collection only

Steak and potato. Chicken, leek, mushroom and gammon. Steak and kidney. Cheese and onion. - £13.00.

Peas – 40p per head

Gravy – 40p per head

Pulled pork baps – slow cooked shoulder of pork shredded and served in white and brown baps with homemade bbq sauce, coleslaw and cheese and a selection of salads - £5.00per head served minimum order 50 people

Philly cheesesteak sub rolls – thinly sliced beef with caramelised onions and peppers served in a sub roll with mozzarella and cheddar melted on top a selection of salads - £5.00 per head minimum of 50 people.

Hog roast available.

Lasagnas, hotpot, jacket potatoes or any of the specials we do in the shop are also available. Email or call for a quote.